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Warranty Policy

 1. Eudar Technology Inc.("Eudar") warrants that Eudar brand products, under normal circumstances of usage, are free from defects in material and workmanship. For any unit proved to be defective, Eudar will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the unit, free of charge. The replacement unit will be either new or repaired, at Eudar's option.
 2. This warranty is subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below.
 3. Warranty Period:
    a. Two-Year Warranty: DRAM module Product(ETT grade)
    b. Two-Year Warranty: UFD...etc flash product(Quality grade as Eudar brand/Marchi)
    c. One-Year Warranty: SD/MMC...etc flash product(Quality grade as Eudar brand/Marchi)
    d. One-Year Warranty: SSD product(Quality grade as Eudar brand)
∗SSD warranty is based on TBW or warranty period, whichever comes first.
    e. Other product: Please contact Sales for further information.
 4. This warranty is for a specific period from the date of shipping. Proof of date of shipping is required. Eudar will inspect the Product and make the decision regarding repair or replacement. Eudar reserves the right to provide a functionally equivalent refurbished replacement Product.
 5. During the warranty period, should the Product fail under normal use in the recommended environment due to improper workmanship or materials, Eudar will repair the Product or replace it with a comparable one.
 6. This warranty does not apply to Product failure due to accident, abuse, mishandling, improper installation, alteration, acts of nature, improper usage, or problems with electrical power. In additional, If SSD read/write data volume is diagnosed improper use, Eudar is not responsible for any data recovery in the event of a defective flash memory or hard drive. The Product must be used with devices that conform to the recommended industry standards. Eudar will not be liable for damages resulting from a third party device that causes the Product to fail. Eudar shall in no event be liable for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages, lost profits, lost business investments lost goodwill, or interference with business relationships as a result of lost data. Eudar is also not responsible for damage or failure of any third party equipment, even if Eudar has been advised of the possibility. This limitation does not apply to the extent that it is illegal or unenforceable under applicable law.
 7. The limited warranty is exclusive with no other implied or statutory warranties.
 8. The definition of Lifetime Warranty:
    Lifetime Warranty is defined as Warranty will be invalidated one year after the product is discontinued.(Continuity of individual product please refer to Eudar web site)