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DOA (Defect on Arrival) regulations

 1. Condition on EUDAR DOA: Products fault, malfunction or out of order on arrival which deal term is based on FCA, EXW, FOB...etc. MUST be applied to be validated.
 2. Principle of DOA warranty:An issue of DOA MUST BE released to EUDAR by purchaser(s)/receiver(s) {i.e. EUDAR customer(s)} WITHIN the ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) 7days, including but not limited to following conditions are NOT CONSIDERED as a DOA issue: any cause arising from or attributable to compatibility, man-made sabotage,
 3. EUDAR is ONLY liable to the returning of DOA transportation fee(s) as well as insurance which is (are) happened in Taiwan.
 4. EUDAR reserves the final rights on judging, analyzing whether returning of DOA is (are) case stand or not. A notice of final judging, analyzing result(s) will be completed and released by EUDAR in 3 working days.
 5. As a DOA stand case, defect(s) will be traded or replaced accomplished by EUDAR in 5 working days.
 6. All EUDAR products are applied by EUDAR RMA warranty policy while exceeded ETA 7 days.